Some comments about Training Courses:
EFT levels 1 and 2 Combined Training

“I have just returned from retaking the EFT level 1 and 2 training with the lovely Caroline Rolling. What a fantastic experience. Caroline is so very easy to speak to, so gentle, so calm and extremely professional. I love the small group, that the course consisted of, which means there is plenty of time to work through all the aspects (little EFT joke!) of the course.

Caroline accomodates EVERYONE and their needs on the course , new commers, people with some experience of EFT as well as those who are choosing to retake the level 1 and 2 and need to fill in the gaps of learning and improve confidence in working as a practitioner. The weekend was so relaxed, beautifully paced. Lots of chance to practice , and clarify our learning and all questions were answered fully and patiently.

What makes Caroline an exception trainer is her ability to tune into her students needs. As someone with a quirky way of learning, this was a huge help for me. All my needs were listened to and appropriate helpful stratergies sugested and changes to resource applied whenever possible made to make it easier for people with learning diversity. Nothing was too much trouble to Caroline and her amazing “Tapping Angel” helper Noreen.

Thanks to all Caroline’s passion for teaching this modality, this has rubbed off on me and I now feel passionate about using EFT and feel a lot more confident in my ability to build up my experience as practioner now as a result of this course. I was also very impressed with Caroline’s post course support, with supervision days planned as well as support and guidance with working with case study clients. What more can you ask of a trainer? You really have set the standard of training very high. It was an honour to be your student and I look forward to working with you on my professional development in Eft and Matrix reimprinting. The future is bright and beautiful thanks to you.
Corinne Loveday, Shropshire, UK, 2019

A lovely video testimonial from Di Smart, Life Coach:

“EFT (Tapping) is amazing and I recommend Caroline Rolling’s Training Course. It will be three life transforming days, filled with learning, connection and fun.
Going on Caroline’s Course changes my life.” – N. Maynard

“I’m so excited to go back to my practice and integrate EFT It’s going to make a huge difference to my clients. Thank you for a wonderful few days” – D. Wilson

“The course covered so much interesting content within three days. It has given me confidence to continue and do more” – C. Sweet

Finding Peace: working with survivors of war and disaster

“This was gentle, informative, positive and inspiring. We covered lot of information about a heavy subject and yet somehow ended the day feeling really empowered and uplifted. Wonderful!” – C. White

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course which has added another level to the use of EFT and Matrix in dealing with PTSD in its many forms. Thank you!” – P. Kavanagh

“Many people, even therapists, think that dealing with severe trauma is extremely difficult or impossible. Courses like this can open our eyes that we not only can do do something about this, but we can produce amazing results and feel very rewarded too.” – Ayuka Mizoguchi

“Really helpful and inspiring things. I’m sure it will be helpful when I work on survivors of Tsunami and earthquake.” – Hiroko Shimotaya

Nice things people have said about…….
One-to-one sessions
“Caroline is a fantastic Matrix and EFT practitioner. She has really helped me to grow and develop as a person.
When I first visited her I was in crisis and she quickly reassured me that she could help me. Over a course of a number of sessions she worked with me using many different techniques all of which have helped me to over come my difficulties and prepare me for the future.
I can’t recommend her highly enough. She really is brilliant at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help and support.”, 
SS, Telford

“Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Words can’t adequately express how truly grateful I am that you came into my life”,   GO Shropshire


“Caroline is a fantastic skilled and sensitive therapist.She really supported me through two very difficult points in my life.

One was when I was struggling with the physical and emotional effects of Long Covid and trying to balance that with returning to work full time. The other was helping me to shift and heal emotions around some long standing family issues after my Dad had a massive stroke .

She uses a variety of techniques which she chooses to match your specific needs in the moment .Caroline is gentle, understanding, compassionate  and considerate, She allows you the time to do the works while holding beautiful safe space for whatever arises. I would highly recommend her.”  Jo Phoenix


“Caroline has a special gift, and I am so glad that I found her. Her methods get results straight away. After 50+ years of learned behaviors, with Caroline’s help I am finally free to live my life to the full.

Right from the very first consultation Caroline always made me feel at ease. She created an environment of calm which made it easy for me to speak about private issues and experiences.

Caroline is a great listener, and gently asked the right questions to get me to open up and really think about the past. Her great skill was to make it seem like I was just having a conversation with an old friend. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and continue to use the EFT skills and techniques that Caroline taught me, every day”             RO, Telford


“I just want to express my thanks for your exceptional warm and caring way, which has made it ok – going to those places I was so reluctant to go!  You have beautiful skills, but most of all, a kind heart. Thankyou. “

J, Shropshire


“I came to see Caroline in deep distress over a personal issue.  I had been trying to deal with my emotions for years, both by myself, and with professional help, and far from getting any easier, my feelings were getting worse – more powerful, and harder to control in daily life.  So I came to see Caroline in desperation, and scared as to where it would all end. 
Caroline had such a gentle presence, so respectful of my feelings and exuded a feeling of care and kindness, that I was able to relax and face up to things.  Over the course of 5 sessions, she has helped me tremendously.  The situation remains of course, but I now have a growing emotional detachment from it, which I have been yearning for, for such a long time.  When I get after-shocks (though they are reducing in severity and frequency), she has given me practices and tools to help me through.  I am deeply grateful her. 
If you are feeling desperate, I highly recommend you seek Caroline’s extremely skillful help.” Mrs C, Shrewsbury

“I first visited Caroline at the end of last year having suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 4 years. Despite the fact I was working full time as a teacher, I found it difficult to do anything at weekends and had to give up the gym and any other physical exercise. I got tired any achy after just walking for 10 minutes. I had seen various doctors and occupational therapists and thought that it was just something I would have to live with. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first visited Caroline but straight away she made me extremely comfortable and at ease. I saw Caroline once a week, then every fortnight after a while.

It is not just about the work that Caroline does during these sessions, but the tools she gives you to help yourself on a daily basis. I am continuing to use these techniques every day and cannot express the difference it has made to my life. I am now back at the gym and have recently been on a residential adventure trip with some children from school which I never thought I would be able to do!
I cannot thank Caroline enough for everything she has done, this really has changed my life! I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone, she is friendly, professional and makes you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.” OM, Shrewsbury

“I cannot recommend working with Caroline Rolling highly enough. I have never experienced such deep but gentle healing before. Her compassion and light are healing in themselves, let alone once you actually start the session….then magic happens. Working with Caroline has helped me to heal beliefs and emotions that I have carried most of my life after suffering a childhood trauma….fear that had become a part of my identity has been released and healed. It is hard to find the words to describe the power of the sessions and gratitude I feel toward Caroline for being a part of my journey toward healing. The words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem big enough.” – T. Mills, London.

“Thank you does not seem a big enough word for the difference you have made to my well-being. I am actually grateful to the ME because my journey to recovery has resulted in me improving most areas of my life, not just those affected by the illness and a massive part of that (for which I will be eternally grateful) is you. Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel.” Joe B, Shropshire

“My experience of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting was totally unexpected. I had had a little go at EFT by myself by watching it on the internet. However, my experience of working with Caroline couldn’t have been more different to this. I found doing the 1:1 work with Caroline profound. It has been life changing/enhancing on many levels. It has been relaxing, healing, enabling and empowering. For me this was immediate and enduring. I would readily recommend working with Caroline through EFT/Matrix Reimprinting to anyone who is keen to empower themselves in their own healing, whatever their dis-ease.” – A.C, Shropshire



Course Dates:

EFT  Accredited levels Foundation and Intermediate Combined Course (Levels 1 and 2)

Four-day LIVE Training – Online or in person in Wellington, Telford.

5/6 and 19/20 February 2022 – Online in two parts over two weekends

26/27/28/29 May – in person Wellington

18/19/20/21  August, 2022 – in person Wellington

12/13 and 26/27     November 2022 – in person, Wellington

I’m sorry that , due to uncertainty of COVID restrictions ,no course dates are planned to take place in Cornwall this year, but I hope to return in 2022. Please do let me know if you are interested in joining me in beautiful Kernow.


£454 (Including manual and marking of case studies)

A Deposit of £100 secures your place.  Please ask about flexible payments.

Only FOUR places available on each course. (10 places when online)

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