Hi, I'm Caroline

I believe anything is possible when you make a commitment to yourself to make change.

A "good'"day 2007
2007, Before Energy Psychologies
2010, Two years after first experiencing Energy Psychologies

This is me in 2007. Taken on what I considered then to be a ‘good day’, after years of living with debilitating symptoms of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just getting downstairs was exhausting. I was physically, emotionally and mentally drained  and often re-experienced a past traumatic experience. A way out felt impossible.

A healthy, much happier and energetic me in 2010, two years  after EFT and Matrix Reimprinitng transformed my life. This picture was taken at the summit of a steep climb while on my first visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia where I volunteered with a charity helping survivors of the 1992-95 war. (You can read about my work there in a link at the bottom of this page)

We all need a little bit of help at times and my own journey from the lowest lows of emotional and physical despair to a life filled with happiness and ability to do what I want, when I choose has given me a passion to share all that has helped me with other people.

I live in Shropshire with my OH and her majesty, queen cat and appreciate every day the ability to enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Its been wonderful to watch clients move forward in their own lives too. It really is possible to change your past and transform your future.

You might like to watch this video and get to know me a little more

For over 13 years I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of people in one-to-one sessions, group workshops and in Practitioner, and Advanced Practitioner, Training courses and EFT in Education Training.

I enjoy working one-to-one with people of all ages and backgrounds but also love working with groups. My heart lies in Community and I’ve been privileged to share my “From Stress to Strength” programme of workshops with unpaid carers, refugees and civilian survivors of war and genocide.

Sharing resilience tools and Practitioner Training is a journey that has taken me from my home in beautiful Shropshire to as far afield as Bosnia & Herzegovina. It’s been a deeply moving privilege, great fun, inspiring and very humbling.

I love teaching and believe learning should be enjoyable. Whilst some big issues can be covered, I’ve developed fun, interactive EFT Training courses. I prefer to work in small groups so I am more able to offer support and adapt training to, where possible,  accommodate individual learning needs.

With personal experience of recovery from burnout,  I support Helping and Health Professionals in one to one sessions and offer Resilience Advantage Workshops so they are able to continue in their work and develop a more empathic practice.

Life is so different for me now compared to how it was 13 years ago. With a little support, perhaps your life can change for the better too.

When you’re ready, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to find out how we may work together so you are more able to live a life you love too or:

Learn how to add EFT to your skills so you can help make a difference and enable clients to live their dreams.

I hold an Enhanced DBS: number 001604514090,  and am fully insured as Practitioner and Trainer.


Accredited EFT Master Trainer (EFT & Mindfulness Centre); Accredited EFT in Education Trainer; Licensed HeartMath Trainer;  Licensed HeartMath Coach; EFT Advanced Practitioner; Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner; Picture Tapping Technique Practitioner;  Heart Conscious Healing Practitioner; Laughter Yoga Leader;  DipHE Combined Studies (Health);  P/T Certificate Grade 3 Youth & Community Development Worker

Other: Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives;  Psychological First Aid 


“The Impact of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting on the Civilian Survivors of War in Bosnia: A Pilot Study” Boath, E., T. Stewart and C. Rolling

“ECHO’s in Bosnia and Beyond”, Elizabeth Boath, Caroline Rolling  Published in Somatic Psychotherapy Today, 2018

Voluntary Work:

Therapy Lead, Shropshire Supports Refugees 2017 – current

EFT Practitioner, Fast Trauma Support 2020 – current

Volunteer Practitioner -Individual and Group Work Healing Hands Network 2010 – 2017

Resilience skills. Tapping in Sarajevo, 2015