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Is your phobia restricting your life? What might life be like without it?

Thankfully, there are ways to gently help resolve phobias. You don’t even need to know how your phobia began.

Contact me to find out how, together, we may transform how you feel and let fears and phobias fade away.

We will use a carefully selected blend of Energy Psychologies along with other tools and techniques to best help you. Sessions will mainly include EFT (Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting or Picture Tapping Technique.

I used to have a phobia too and understand the importance of working together gently and at your pace.

The number of sessions you choose will depend on your individual needs. The longest I’ve worked with anyone to resolve a phobia, so far, has been five one-hour appointments. The  least amount of time has been 20 minutes!

It’s important to me that everyone who works with me also learns ways to better help themselves. Together, we will use advanced techniques but you will also leave with a ‘tool-kit’ you may easily use to help calm uncomfortable feelings at any time, any place. Often, these simple techniques become life-long practices to help you feel great!

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Set yourself free and live life better.

Your first step: Contact me to arrange a FREE 15-20 minute consultation (held online or by telephone). This is an initial chat where we can talk briefly about the issue you would like help with. This also allows time for you to ask any questions you may have before committing to paid sessions.

Your next step: Arrange appointments for your one-to-one sessions. I’ve found that 90 minute sessions are preferable however, if that may be challenging for you then you may choose a shorter, 60 minutes.

  • Single 90 minute session – £111
  • Block of 3 x 90 Minute sessions – £300
  • Single 60 minute session – £65
  • Block of 3 x 60 minute sessions £180

You are welcome to see me in my comfortable and airy therapy room in Wellington, Shropshire or may choose to work with me Online from your own home.

Please note that under 16 year olds must be seen in person and be accompanied by a responsible adult – usually their parent/guardian.

Under 16 year olds – 60 minute sessions  – £50 per session.

Some Phobias I’ve worked with include: (This list is not exhaustive)

Claustrophobia, Agrophobia, Phobia of: heights, spiders, mice/rats, frogs, snakes, walking over bridges, driving on motorways, balloons, other people being sick.

Anyone can develop a phobia of any-thing. No matter how unusual your phobia may seem, please do get in touch.