You can relax knowing I’m here to support you by using all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over years of training in a number of tools and techniques, carefully selecting the best of those that will be most helpful to you.

Your session will normally begin with a calming technique such as Heart Focused Breathing or a gentle form of EFT (tapping technique). It’s your session so you will choose what issue you would like to work on.  That may be anything from wanting more confidence, anger issues, addictions, phobias, pain and fatigue to changing how you feel now about past traumatic events, abuse, war trauma, bullying, family problems etc.

In a one hour session you may experience a combination of tools and techniques based on:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Picture Tapping Technique
  • Heart Focused Breathing
  • Heart Focused Healing
  • Laughter Yoga

We will also spend time at the end of each session talking about self-help techniques you can use between your one-to-one sessions.

Children and Teenagers

All the techniques can be safely used with children but I do adapt them to suit the age of the child. Picture Tapping Technique is a favourite with most children and I have a selection of tapping bears in my therapy room which are loved by children of all ages – and adults!

I have enhanced DBS but ask that someone under the age of 16 is accompanied by a responsible adult.

11-16 years

It might seem a bit strange to be seeing me with your parent or other adult. It’ll be ok, one of the great benefits of the techniques I use is that you don’t need to talk about the problem for it to work (unless you want to). And, you get to learn an easy-to-use ways to stay calm anywhere, anytime. So discreet no-one else need even know you’re doing anything. How cool is that.


It costs nothing to chat first.  I remember what its like to make that first step to seeking help and would rather you feel comfortable before seeing me for one-to-one sessions.  Call or email to arrange a free 20 minute chat by phone, skype or in person at The Studios, Mansell Road, Wellington, Telford. Tel: 07868240605