Stress effects everyone at some time affecting how we feel both emotionally and physically. Learning easy to use, effective stress solutions empowers and enables improved health and well-being, better communication, clearer focus, improved relationships, more confidence and peace within.

From large corporate companies to small community group projects, I share the best of evidence-based stress and trauma relief management tools and technologies empowering participants to recognise signs of stress and how to prepare for, self-manage and recover from impact of stressful life events.

Taught in creative and interactive ways, workshops are designed to best meet the needs of your organisation. With a long background in training and group work, workshops are experiential, informative, unique and fun.

In the community, workshops are usually in small groups and often with people with similar, or shared, experiences.

Professional training and workshops may be held in the workplace or in a community setting, away from workplace stresses. From small groups to large numbers of employees and management teams, workshops can take into account your organisations requirements.

Workshops and courses are designed for:

  • Community Groups, Health Focused Groups and Voluntary Organisations.
  • Forward thinking Corporate Companies and small Businesses who recognise the importance of employee well-being.
  • Experienced professionals looking for effective methods for self-care and developing more empathic practice
  • Helping and Health Professionals interested in learning more about cutting edge tools and techniques to add to existing skills

I hold an advanced DBS certificate and have a long background in working with a wide age range including both young and older people.

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Current workshops and training:

Please contact Caroline to discuss your individual and organisation’s needs.