Support for YOU

I understand how difficult it can feel to take that first step to seeking help, but when you do, your life can change in many ways.

Its can be hard, I know, I was in a dark place emotionally and physically until I discovered EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and HeartMath. Life since has been amazing.

Together, we will gently work through, and transform, the underlying cause of uncomfortable feelings, unhelpful behavioural patterns and limiting self-beliefs.

From your very first session, you will learn simple, easy to use techniques for self-care that you may use at any time. The tools for pain relief and stress relief are literally at your own fingertips.

You, and your needs, are always at the heart of how we work together. They are your sessions and I am here to help you move forward so you may live a life you choose.

Here are just some of the issues I’ve worked with since 2008:

  • Phobias                          
  • Chronic Fatigue – ME, Fibromyalgia, MS etc
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Persistent/Chronic Pain – knee, shoulder, back, whiplash etc
  • Trauma – accident, war, assault, abuse, bullying
  • Limiting beliefs affecting- relationships, performance (business, public speaking) general day to day life.

Please note that EFT is not a substitute for medical care. If your symptoms are new or have changed then please seek help from your GP before making an appointment.

Contact me now to talk about how me may work together and help you live a life you choose

Sessions can be online via zoom or in my lovely therapy room in Wellington, Telford.

First step: FREE 20 minute consultation

Then:  Arrange your appointments. I prefer 90 minute sessions as it allows time for you to discuss your needs, ask questions and so I may support you in working through your issues gently and thoroughly.

Book a block of 3 sessions for £300.  (Additional individual sessions are £111)

I understand there are times when choice is limited and, if needed, you may may arrange 60 minute sessions at £195 a block of three  (Additional individual 60 minute sessions £70)

Emotional Help for 11 - 18 Year Olds

It can be tough navigating life through teenage years, especially when struggling with the weight of emotional stresses.

With a background as a Youth and Community Development Worker, I’ve been offering one-to-one EFT sessions for young people since 2008. 

Despite the seriousness of some deep issues, sessions can be fun. As well as using EFT, there are lots of pens and paper on hand for Picture Tapping Technique (PTT). PTT allows even distressing memories and issues to be worked through without the need to talk about what happened, unless you want to.  

Both young person and accompanying adult have the added benefit of leaving with easy to use tools for self-care that can even be used when at school, college or the workplace.

Some issues I’ve helped 11- 18 year olds with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Exam Stress
  • Trauma from Accidents
  • Phobias
  • Anger issues
  • Grief
  • Fear of changing school/home
  • Confidence Building
  • Chronic fatigue
Emotional help for 11-18 year olds

To best help, I prefer to work with young people, aged 16 and under in my therapy room in Wellington.  Its a lovely and comfortable place created to help anyone feel at ease.  Most people say they enjoy their sessions and look forward to their next one.

17 – 18 year olds may choose to see me in person or work with me online.

I hold a full DBS but ask that under 16 year olds please be accompanied by an adult.  Sessions for 11-18 year olds (in full-time education) are £55 for one hour.

Please contact me to arrange a free 20 minute consultation and find out more.