Laughter Yoga - Natural Stress Relief in the Workplace

So what is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is possibly the most fun way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve teamwork,  generate joy, improve concentration, increase productivity and, used regularly, may reduce staff absences!

Quite a list, and all through allowing laughter to flow naturally with some guided gentle movement and a safe opportunity to bring out your inner playfulness.

Here are a few quotes from an NHS Nursing team we worked with.

“This has helped me to relax. My energy level has increased and improved”

“Very funny and should have been filmed! Good for team building”

“I know some people struggle with stress and laughing so it was nice to  see my colleagues laughing together – at nothing”

Want to know more about how Laughter Yoga can help your workplace team or voluntary group?

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