Accredited Training in Children & Young People’s Emotional Health

EFT and HeartMath Resilience Tools for Students, Teachers and Staff in Schools and Colleges

In these challenging times its becoming all the more important to introduce proven methods that support both staff and students in their emotional wellbeing.
EFT in Education Accredited Training and HeatMath tools provide a trauma informed approach that empowers students and staff with simple and effective coping strategies.
The course helps schools:
– Safeguard pupils and staff
– Understand how trauma effects a childs brain
– How to recognise signs of trauma
– Learn EFT and HeartMath tools for regulation to help students (and staff) calm down the amygdala
– Prevent escalation of disruptive behaviours and
– Increase engagement
EFT in Education Training is available in the following formats:
  • Off-site Teacher Training Day. Lead teacher attends the open training course alongside teachers, school counsellors, TA’s from other schools (Courses held in Wellington, Telford)
  • School Training – Full Day. Onsite training day run for relevant members of school staff
  • School Training – Twilight. Onsite “Twilight” (after-hours) training session run for staff. 
    Or a combination of Full day and Twilight. 

I am an experienced EFT Trainer, Accredited EFT Trainer in Education and Licensed HeartMath Trainer with 10 years experience as a certified Grade 3 Youth and Community Development Worker.

I hold an Enhanced DBS: number 001604514090, and am fully insured as Practitioner and Trainer.


Please contact me to find out more about EFT in Education Accredited Training for your school or college: