Accredited EFT Training in Schools and Colleges

for Children and Young People’s Emotional Health

In these challenging times it’s becoming all the more important to introduce proven methods that support both staff and students in their emotional wellbeing.

EFT offers a whole school approach that benefits both students, Teachers and supporting staff.

Children, and adults, of all ages and abilities, can easily learn how to better regulate their emotions with EFT.


EFT in Education Accredited Training provides an wholistic, trauma informed approach that empowers both students and staff with simple and effective coping strategies.

The course helps schools:

Safeguard pupils and staff

  • Understand how trauma effects a child’s brain
  • How to recognise signs of trauma
  • Maintain an wholistic approach to improving emotional health of students and staff

It helps students:

  • Learn to understand and express their feelings
  • Build their confidence
  • Build emotional Resilience
  • Increase their capacity to learn

The EFT programme enables Teachers to be more resilient and more confident in dealing with challenges in and out of the classroom.

Benefits to the school:

The EFT in Education training brings both short and long term benefits to the school. 

Please contact me for an EFT in Education Course prospectus and arrange time for a short chat to find out more.